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Here's what people are saying about AuraScope:

"Love your program--kids in my classroom want to sit around and do nothing but stare at it on our Starboard display!"
- Mike J, Normal, IL
"The Aurascope screensaver is the best I have seen so far. I like the new colors and patterns you have added! What I like about it is that the designs come out fresh and new with “suddenlies” that spark the pattern or design."
- Jeanette M, Bellingham, WA
"I enjoy this screen saver better then any other I have. In fact, I very seldom watch any of the other ones I have anymore."
- Lonnie S, Gilbert, AZ
"This saver is probably the one of the reasons my family come to visit so often. Grown-ups and children alike sit and watch the screen as if it was a movie."
- William R, Westland, MI
"Hi I am not the type to write back with comments anywere. But I am willing to make an exeption in this case - AuraScope is nothing less than a work of Masterpiece, I have seen angels and demons within it ( I take no drugs ) it is a thing that seems to posses its own life, an INCREDIBLE achivement of softwere design. Everytime it puts on a new show, if you stare at it long enough, it reveals something to you. It is in fact interactive with your own mind, to be honest there are not many thing that are able to do this. I cannot rave enough about it. I have some of the other screen savers by the same author, and they are all beautiful, but cannot compare to AuraScope."
- Christopher T, Glen Rock, PA
"These have to be the most amazing screen savers I've ever seen, and will be ordering the full set of them soon. I'm most impressed...so smooth, so beautiful and peaceful to watch, just stunning creative works of moving art!"
- Dominique M, NSW, Australia
"I must compliment you on these brilliant screensavers!! I am in awe of their complexity and beauty, the subtle colors and never-ending pattern changes. I am amazed!! I'm not one to have a lot of screensavers, and those I do I'm very choosy about. I'd gotten my first computer and gotten onto the web in 1996, and have seen alot of amazing screensaver changes since then. This set, however, is definately a classic, and I only wish I'd found it sooner!!"
- Marvin A, Billings, MT
"Regarding the looks all I can say is think of the most colorful, prettiest kaleidescope youíve ever seen. Now double it and you have the look of Aurascope. Run, donít walk to this website and download this program. Itís GREAT!!!"
- Stormy Strock @ www.sharewarejunkies.com
"Well, you have gone and done it again. Just fabulous. I have this screensaver to go after just 7 minutes because it is sooo great."
- Rita C, Florence, AZ
"Nice work, Andrew! I'm glad you're still tweaking and developing these image- machines. There aren't many screen savers that I bother with these days (and I don't use a screen saver -- just blank), but I keep yours around as stand-alone visual inspirations of what can be done with good programming and the eye of an artist. Congratulations again!"
- Allen C, Fairfield, IA
"It is absolutely beautiful. I love it!"
- Lois B, Rapid River, MI
"Long I've looked for a screensaver that can give me wallpaper, THAT IS NEVER THE SAME... Constancely changing. I believe I've definately found one... And the price is a deal."
- Wayne V, Santa Barbara, CA
"It is fabulous.....just wanted to let you know."
- Ashley M, Piedmont, SC
"I have to say that having occasionally searched for screensavers with a bit of class I have not yet found anything that comes up with the never ending freshness of your work."
- Ray F, Boya, Western Australia
"I've just purchased Aurascope and I'm highly delighted with it."
- John M, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
"Your screensavers are AWESOME"
- Jim N, Nevada City, CA
- Suzanne F, San Antonio, TX
"I just purchased the full version of Aura, and am very happy with it. It is truly a beautiful work of art. Thanks for the hard work."
- Reginald LS, Stafford, VA
"I had to email you to say how much I love your screen saver. It is better than any LSD trip I have taken in the past. You are so talented. I could stare at my screensaver for hours on end, it so beautiful and entertaining."
- Robert B, Port Huron, MI
"After installing the shareware-version first, I hesitated to pay for the registered program. Usually, I would never pay for such a thing as a screensaver. But the pictures behind those annoying shareware-messages were so beautiful, that I finally did. And I haven't regreted it: Whenever I get lost in some documents for a while and look up to the screen again images of sheer grace sooth my nerves and wash away the stress. Quite a jewel."
- Oliver S, Munich, Germany
"Aurascope is the best screensaver I have ever had."
- Don McG, Alachua, FL
"This is a great screensaver! I get lots of complements and suggest it to everyone!"
- Michelle McD, Huntsville, AL
"AuraScope and KaleidoMorph are still my favorite screensavers (Actually i don't use any other...)"
- Stephan B, Belgium
"AuraScope is the best screen saver Iíve ever had. I can sit for hours watching the designs change and all the bright colors. (Unfortunately, I canít get any work done that way)."
- Karla S, Louisville, KY
- James J, London, UK
"I absolutely love the screensaver. I've been looking for one just like it for a long time. Thank you so much. I look for any excuse to not use the computer, just so I can watch the images."
- Joan M, Juneau, AK
"As a kaleidoscope collector, I have been on a quest to find the perfect kaleidoscope screensaver... and in my opinion here it is! This screensaver has all the beauty of the changing kaleidoscope images. I keep it active on my computer screen so I can enjoy it all the time. I find it very relaxing and calming. Aurascope is magical!"
- Linda K, Phoenix, AZ
"What a great product.. I loved from the minute I first installed the demo. It's truly impressive."
- Roy T, New Orleans, LA
"I can't tell you how much pleasure your screen saver gives me. I have had it over a year and still am captivated each time I walk by my computer and something is going on. I will often turn off the lights at night just to sit and stare. It gives me that "hypnotized by the fireplace" feeling. I also have several friends over once a week to teach them the basics of the computer and the three of us will often not get back to learning/teaching because we are mesmerized by something particularly spectacular going on. Thank you for hours and hours of pleasure."
- Vicky B, Towson, MD
"I've seen a lot of beautiful screen savers over the years but Aurascope is truly a work of kinetic art. Thank you!"
- David D, Earlysville, VA
"I am really enjoying all the pretty patterns. I love my aurascope screensaver. Thanks so much."
- Sharon C, Wilmington, NC
"If you had not made such a fascinating programme in the first place, I would not have become addicted. I am absolutely delighted."
- Paul H, Walsall, West Midlands, UK
"I think the new addition of AuraScope is just fantastic, the colours are out of this world, the patterns are just so fascinating. a job well done, thank-you."
- Paula S, Brisbane, Australia
"This is probably the best screensaver I have found. It is fabulous! Thank-you for the free upgrade."
- Lyn B, Kirtland, OH
"What a deal the WeiserWare programs are! I bought the Aurascope program which is a fabulous program, and a value at the price. Then to make it an even better value, I was sent a FREE upgrade that is even more fabulous than the original program! It just doesn't get any better than this! Thanks so much for all of the hours of visual pleasure!"
- Linda K, Phoenix, AZ
"I've been looking for screensavers like yours for the better part of 10 years. They truly are the most spectacular savers I've seen in years and years. Well done!"
- Sofia H
"I LOVE the Aurascope screensaver!! I really enjoy watching it. Wonderful!!"
- Nancy T, Hartland, MN
"It is truly lovely. Your work continues to fascinate me."
- Ann S, Westminster, CO
"I Love Your Screensavers!!! I purchased your AuraScope a few months ago, and it is the only one I use. Love It."
- Ginni T, Fort Bragg, CA
"I almost burned my potato cakes staring at AuraScope so much!"
- Scott D, Las Vegas, NV
"Since I knew the version test of all the collection "screen saver of WeiserWare", I had of cease only to obtain the final one; I can now contemplate this admirable work, with leisure; Andrew helped me much for my transactions; I appreciate his serious; There will be never enough words to translate the feelings tested with the reading of the "comments customers" Cheer with all those which like me, adores and one selected WeiserWare"
- Annie L, Paris, France
"Nice work! they are the most awesome screensavers I've seen! I bought the whole suite, and love 'em all!"
- Jerry F, Visalia, CA
"I am so pleased with the WeiserWare Screensaver Download Manager Bundle that I just had to leave Possitive Feedback for a well-deserved, Excellent Quality,Beautifully done Screensavers that are Outstanding in Superb Workmanship! I recieved my CD Bundle thru fast transaction,swift delivery and great e-mail communication! I will enjoy all of these beautiful screensavers for years to come. Each one is different and so unique in it's self ! Thank you Mr.Andrew Weiser!! "
- Pat H, Princeton, WV
"Aura-Scope is so beautiful that I set my screen saver for 1 minute instead of 15 mins. (I may have to change to 2 mins. just to give me time to work.) Getting lost in it is truly easy..."
- Adrienne A, Rutherfordton, NC
"I installed the trial version 10 minutes ago & realized immediately that I needed to purchase this outstanding piece of software. "
- Michael C, Newport, RI

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