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Here's what people are saying about Electric Art:

"These have to be the most amazing screen savers I've ever seen, and will be ordering the full set of them soon. I'm most impressed...so smooth, so beautiful and peaceful to watch, just stunning creative works of moving art!"
- Dominique M, NSW, Australia
"I must compliment you on these brilliant screensavers!! I am in awe of their complexity and beauty, the subtle colors and never-ending pattern changes. I am amazed!! I'm not one to have a lot of screensavers, and those I do I'm very choosy about. I'd gotten my first computer and gotten onto the web in 1996, and have seen alot of amazing screensaver changes since then. This set, however, is definately a classic, and I only wish I'd found it sooner!!"
- Marvin A, Billings, MT
"Best Damn Screensavers out there !! Have had electric art for a while now and am extremely pleased and meismerized by it and am now purchasing the remaining four and looking forward to those as well !! Keep it Up. Best Wishes !!"
- Charles W, Norfolk, VA
"My compliments on a delightful screensaver...it seems like a dream come true....beautiful!"
- Karim P, Edmonton, Canada
"thank you so much. It is very beautiful and I think I will buy it. You do such fantastic things!"
- Pat V, TX
"You are years ahead of the game! Thanks for a phenomenal product, it is well appreciated and well used!"
- Cheryl M, Hilo, HI
"Another great screensaver,thankyou"
- Kevin I, Leeds, UK
"Your screen saver is my favourite recreational and inspirational software. Thank you for the joy and inspiration you brought me."
- Fridemar P, Wolframs-Eschenbach, Germany
"The program is working perfectly and it is GORGEOUS."
- Wayne S, San Bernardino, CA
"This is just beautiful!!! Thanks"
- Kathy P, Storm Lake, IA
"I just want to tell you I think Electric Art screen saver was great. I loved the endless kaleidescope of colours and patterns.... it was too hypnotic and I never got any work done!!"
- Maria C, Melbourne, Australia
"A totally awesome program!!!!! I spend entirely too much time on the internet and I have to admit this is definitely the best screen saver program out there!!!!!"
- CJS, Richland, WA
"Finally I found my prefer screen saver. :) Thing of beauty, and complicate math."
- P. Charkrid, Thailand
"It is a unique experience I would like to sit all day and watch the patterns."
- Jamal A, Pakistan
"The output is stunning."
- Norman P, Madison, IN
"This is by far the most beautiful screensaver I have ever had."
- Judy H, Paoli, IN
"This is the most amazing screensaver I have ever seen and may be ever will see, I am really amazed at how beautiful it is. You're a genius!!"
- Steven K, Horsham, PA
"I've been looking for screensavers like yours for the better part of 10 years. They truly are the most spectacular savers I've seen in years and years. Well done!"
- Sofia H
"Nice work! they are the most awesome screensavers I've seen! I bought the whole suite, and love 'em all!"
- Jerry F, Visalia, CA
"Since I knew the version test of all the collection "screen saver of WeiserWare", I had of cease only to obtain the final one; I can now contemplate this admirable work, with leisure; Andrew helped me much for my transactions; I appreciate his serious; There will be never enough words to translate the feelings tested with the reading of the "comments customers" Cheer with all those which like me, adores and one selected WeiserWare"
- Annie L, Paris, France
"I am so pleased with the WeiserWare Screensaver Download Manager Bundle that I just had to leave Possitive Feedback for a well-deserved, Excellent Quality,Beautifully done Screensavers that are Outstanding in Superb Workmanship! I recieved my CD Bundle thru fast transaction,swift delivery and great e-mail communication! I will enjoy all of these beautiful screensavers for years to come. Each one is different and so unique in it's self ! Thank you Mr.Andrew Weiser!! "
- Pat H, Princeton, WV
"This morning I successfully downloaded and installed the ElectricArt Screensaver. I am absoluted mesmerized and in danger of not getting much writing done until the delight wears off a bit. When a child, I longed for a really good Kaleidoscope, not the five and dime vaeriety. ElectricArt is a childhood dream come true."
- Mary K, Port St. Lucie, FL

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