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Here's what people are saying about KaleidoMorph:

"I want to tell you this was the most wonderful screen saver ever designed. When things were not going well, I would just sit for a few minutes and watch, relaxation and calm came very quickly. I wish I could make very large artwork for my home of some of the designs."
- Beverly D, Dayton, OH
"These have to be the most amazing screen savers I've ever seen, and will be ordering the full set of them soon. I'm most impressed...so smooth, so beautiful and peaceful to watch, just stunning creative works of moving art!"
- Dominique M, NSW, Australia
"I must compliment you on these brilliant screensavers!! I am in awe of their complexity and beauty, the subtle colors and never-ending pattern changes. I am amazed!! I'm not one to have a lot of screensavers, and those I do I'm very choosy about. I'd gotten my first computer and gotten onto the web in 1996, and have seen alot of amazing screensaver changes since then. This set, however, is definately a classic, and I only wish I'd found it sooner!!"
- Marvin A, Billings, MT
"This is simply the best screensaver I own. I turn it on constantly just to watch all the different morphing. I'm sure glad that this is on my home computer and not at work! I'd barely get anything done. Thanks for the fun."
- Rick O, TX
"I LOVE this screensaver! I always check out every screensaver and every theme I can find but I've never found one this interesting before! The part I like is that the shape is never the same so it's like you're always watching something new!"
- Marilyn V, Elm Mott, TX
"Gorgeous! Beautiful! Soothing! Delightful! Mesmerizing! I could go on and on. This is the most wonderful screensaver I have EVER seen -- I can't seem to stop watching it! It's well worth the $15. I would highly recommend it."
- Pat M, Michigan
"I have found the diamond on the internet with your screensaver! It is an outstanding screensaver program that I have purchased for such a bargain price. Thank You! I almost feel guilty for not watching the screensaver ........So many beautiful patterns go unwatched"
- Cheryl M, Hilo, Hawaii
"What a fantastic screensaver! Very impressed! You have done a brilliant job, keep up the good work Andrew!"
- Rachel and Lee, Manchester, England
"Each time you have sent updates they just keep getting better. I have had so many hours of enjoyment just watching the different colors and designs. Your screen saver has been truly the best I have ever downloaded, and I have down loaded several and then not liking them, I take them back off. This last update, well there are no words that I can say that would described the enjoyment received from watching it. Keep up the great work."
- Deborah P, Gresham, OR
"This screensaver is the best one I have seen. As an art teacher, I am always looking for good designs. I sit and watch this everytime I come back to my computer. Thanks!"
- Cathy T, Kalamazoo, MI
"WOW! was I ever impressed. What a show. I am very pleased and delighted. Best fifteen dollars I have ever spent. I think that my wife and I may be up for some hours after it gets dark, just viewing it."
- Jim H, West Sussex, UK
"KaleidoMorph is the most beautiful screensaver I have ever purchased. In fact I have never seen anything with this much work in it. I am just mesmerized by this and wanted to thank you. I was a kaleidoscope junkie growing up and this is a dream come true. I am telling everyone about it."
- Ellen W, Sherman, TX
"It's great!!! I like it very much. I'm spending my time watching the screen... It's better than TV ;-))"
- Karin S, Germany
"After I watched it I found it was worth paying for every cent! ...it's wonderful in the way it generates the patterns which are hypnotic and timeless as well as neverending. Thanks for the BEST screensaver I have ever seen!"
- Chuck M, Milwaukee, WI
"I downloaded the KaleidoMorph screensaver and it is great."
- Jessica L, Hartford, CT
"Pretty cool screensaver!"
- Sue McC, Victoria, BC, Canada
"This screen saver of yours is great man,the intricacy of the geometric patterns are very psychadelically intriguing. I congratulate your work."
- Emmanuel F, Somerset, NJ
"Thank you ever so much for creating such a beautiful screensaver."
- Pat V, Del Rio, TX
"I shall have to have one computer just showing this screensaver as I stop working so often I'm not getting anything completed. So good, first screensaver I have ever purchased."
- Angela B, London, UK
"...now I'll NEVER get any work done."
- Prof. John L, Ontario, Canada
"Can I tell you how very much I admire this piece of work of yours. If there isn't a KaleidoMorph Appreciation Cult already, one should emerge."
- Kent S, Montreal, Canada
"This is the most awesome screen saver! I hope you sell tons of them! ...Thank you so much for the literal hours of enjoyment!"
- Carole McE, Sparta, NC
"I just purchased your screensaver and it's the most beautiful screensaver i have purchased,your fan forever."
- Daryl E, Azusa, CA
"Wow !! its brilliant!! A beautiful and relaxing screen saver."
- Shirley P @ aol.com
"Mesmerizing! Beautiful shapes swirl and fill the screen. Sometimes I just watch, instead of work!"
- sumoe @ www.download.com
"It is one of the 3 screen savers that I have actually purchased."
- Frankie N, Chattanooga, TN
"It sure is the best thing we have ever seen and we are going to watch it all day."
- Marilyn H, Punta Gorda, FL
"I find your screen saver Very relaxing. When I watch it I seem to get lost in it and I like it.."
- Kathy C, Nashua, NH
"Can I just say that I think your work is wonderful, it is truly one of the most beautiful & relaxing things I have ever seen."
- Helen W, Middlesex, UK
"KaleidoMorph is the first screen saver I've ever paid for, but it was exactly what I was looking for."
- Ken A, Toronto, Canada
"I absolutely LOVE this screensaver. I normally don't fall in love with a screensaver enough to buy it. But not only did I buy it, but I've ranted and raved to all of my friends about it until most of them finally downloaded it as well."
- Christine R, Duluth, GA
"I thank you from my heart for what you are getting out to the public. What joy and tranquility! Forever a fan.... May God bless you for your contribution to all of us with your beautiful creativity."
- Rebecca M, Vancouver, WA
"Thank you for the KaleidoMorph Screensaver. It is really beautiful."
- Randell G, Pasadena, CA
"This screensaver is amazing! Everyone who sees it running on my computer is just fascinated by it! I have never bought a screensaver before, but I'm so glad I purchased this one!"
- Carol H, Dallas, TX
"Faszinierende Farben und Effekte... Achtung: Hypnosegefahr!"
- Schoner.de
"Very cool!"
- Suzanne F, San Antonio, TX
"Excellent!!!!! You should try it. Congratulations to the author and thanks."
- Dr. J. A. Jaar
"Its a bit sad, but I could sit and watch it for hours! I find it absolutely mesmeric - I obviously need to get out more!"
- Louise H, Berkshire, UK
"I use it all the time it's the only screensaver I ever paid for I just love it and the free update you sent me."
- Scott W, Brooklyn, NY
"I never tire of this screensaver and look forward to seeing your latest enhancements."
- Jeff K, New Market, MD
"I purchased the kaleidomorph, and love it to death, every person that walks by my computer stops, freezes, then says wow!"
- Brandon M, Owosso, MI
"I love this screensaver, it is the most consistently beautiful and interesting one I've ever seen, and I have quite a collection. "
- Marla A, Los Angeles, CA
"ooh whhoa.. yes, this is a definite keeper."
- xtanyaxf
"Best screen saver ever. This is a remarkable screen saver. I bought the registered version and it is constantly fascinating. Bit of a nuisance really. ;-)"
- JohnOH @ download.com
"A Delight...! What a reasonable price for an excellent screensaver...three cheers for developer for constant updates for this cute little proggy."
- Karim P @ download.com
"Well here is a review that is hard to write. That's because I can't figure out how to describe this screensaver besides FANTASTIC!"
- Stormy Strock @ www.sharewarejunkies.com
"I love this screensaver!"
- Karen K, Gardendale, AL
"THANK YOU! This is the most beautiful screensaver I've ever seen. How many times have you heard that already? My husband and children love it and watch as much as I do!"
- Helene N, Perth, ON, Canada
"This is absolutely awesome!!!! I love it!"
- Carole McE, Sparta, NC
"I thoroughly enjoy Kaleidomorph and consider it a one-in-a-million."
- Emmett N, Stone Mountain, GA
"You wouldn't believe how much I like this screensaver if I told you. Keep up the good work!"
- Gracie, Cleveland, OH
"thank you once again....not only is your product excellent, but you customer service is fantastic as well!! I'll highly recomend the kaleidomorph (and polymorph3D) to anyone and all!"
- Jared C, Asheville, NC
"Your screensavers are fantastic - I just boot up to watch them!!!!!!!!!"
- Sandra H, Cornwall, UK
"After 1 day of demo version I didn't hesitate, because it is the most wicked screensaver i ever saw on the net. Really a good job!"
- Ralph E, Rotterdam, Holland
"Thanx very much, I really do love this screensaver. Keep up the excellent work."
- Ric C, Double Oak, TX
"I'm a 67 year old retired (not by choice) musician, who recently purchased Kaleidomorph. It's absolutely astounding. Last evening, I watched Kaleidomorph and listened to David Hudson and other didgeridoo CD's. It was surprising how the random patterns and the music complemented each other. It proves that technology can be compatible with music that originated thousands of years ago. The best screensaver (and sanity saver) I've ever purchased. "
- Frank F, Florida, USA
"After buying Kaleidomorph, I had to go a step further. I got out my sheet magnifier and held it up to my moniter. What a Kaleidoshow!!! The results are like watching a big screen TV. Add some music (whatever rocks you) and your set. If I stare at it with the mag. sheet for 10 or 15 minutes before going to bed, when my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes, Instant Kaleidomorph! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"
- Karen L, Petaluma, CA
"If you don't have this in your Screen Savers ( and WeiserWare other SS. Shame on you. Yes there is a price to pay for each. I think My Mom said it best, "You know what Son I could not take my eyes away from watching." Free upgrades to improvements he has made to previous versions, I am really sold on these unbelievable Screen Savers. If they ever came out with a different SS other than what they have now, I'd break the piggy bank just so I could get! Awesome and Fantastic!"
- "Wyoming" @ Download.com
"This is the greatest screen saver i have ever seen, and i've been around pc's from the beginning."
- Don I, Salisbury, NC
"Thanks for making such a wonderful screensaver, I can sit and watch it for a long time."
- Colleen T, Belvidere, IL
"The COOLEST screensaver I've ever seen! The setting options let you make unimaginable patterns. Good job...and thanks!"
- Francesca B, Struthers, OH
"A special thanks to Andrew for turning out a master piece. This is the greatest screen saver I have ever seen, I have a little granddaughter that will turn 2 in October. It's joy to watch her look at the screen saver starts and to see the expression on her face. I encourage others to give it a try, I am sure glad I did."
- Ken C, Wilton, IA
"Best darn screensaver I ever seen! Iíve been doing computer graphics professionally since 1984. Know something about the subject."
- Garret M, Fremont, CA
"A totally awesome program!!!!! I spend entirely too much time on the internet and I have to admit this is definitely the best screen saver program out there!!!!!"
- CJS, Richland, WA
"KaleidoMorph Screen Saver is mind blowing and hypnotic!!!"
- Sandra H, Dolans Bay, New South Wales, Australia
"KaliedoMorph is the greatest screen saver. I get many complements on it."
- Patricia B, New Kensington, PA
"Really great screen saver. Thank you. I downloaded the trial, watched it for about 5 seconds and bought it. Knew instantly that I was going to enjoy it. And that was after trying and discarding several other kaleidoscopic screensavers. Yours combines the best of Organic Art and Kaleidoscope (the old DOS/Windows version). And the delicacy of the images is part of the fascination."
- Leland S, Placerville, CA
"Thanks for the wonderful screensaver. It is beautiful and I could watch it for hours."
- Nadine J, Independence, MO
"Everyone who sees it is in awe of it and I recommend it to everyone!! I will never have any other screen saver!! In other words I LOVE it!!"
- Connie M, Hutto, TX
"Just wanted to thank you again for the best kaleidoscopic screensaver on the market."
- Celia B, Cleveland, OH
"I've been looking for screensavers like yours for the better part of 10 years. They truly are the most spectacular savers I've seen in years and years. Well done!"
- Sofia H
"I never see so good kaleidoscope invention to now!!! You have the biggest screansaver in the World!!!!!! Must be show you in Discovery TV, people must be know about you, you must be include in Guinness World Records! My profound conviction that we never see better work from other authors!"
- George T, Bulgaria
"Nice work! they are the most awesome screensavers I've seen! I bought the whole suite, and love 'em all!"
- Jerry F, Visalia, CA
"Since I knew the version test of all the collection "screen saver of WeiserWare", I had of cease only to obtain the final one; I can now contemplate this admirable work, with leisure; Andrew helped me much for my transactions; I appreciate his serious; There will be never enough words to translate the feelings tested with the reading of the "comments customers" Cheer with all those which like me, adores and one selected WeiserWare"
- Annie L, Paris, France
"After having had a chance to watch this thing I must say I'm impressed!! Nice work. This is the kind of screen saver I've been looking for."
- Jim W, Sagamore Hills, OH
"I am so pleased with the WeiserWare Screensaver Download Manager Bundle that I just had to leave Possitive Feedback for a well-deserved, Excellent Quality,Beautifully done Screensavers that are Outstanding in Superb Workmanship! I recieved my CD Bundle thru fast transaction,swift delivery and great e-mail communication! I will enjoy all of these beautiful screensavers for years to come. Each one is different and so unique in it's self ! Thank you Mr.Andrew Weiser!! "
- Pat H, Princeton, WV
"KaleidoMorph is the only screensaver I run. There is no need for any other!"
- Karen M, St. Augustine, FL
"I can't tell you how much I love this darned program. Would rather watch it and listen to music than TV!!"
- Janiece H, Oklahoma City, OK
"I love these screensavers. When I was a boy my grandparents always bought me those kaleidoscope toys and I love them so much. This is the closest thing to them I have found."
- Kenneth R, Dike, TX
"Your program is the most beautiful screensaver I have used! thanks a lot for it and I will buy it."
- Miguel, Columbia

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