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If you have already installed Morphosis, you can find help via the Start > Programs > Morphosis > Morphosis Help menu option on your computer, or via the "Help" button on the Morphosis settings window.

If your question is not answered in the help on your computer or on this page, please contact WeiserWare with your question via e-mail.

Downloading / Installation
Q: I've just bought Morphosis and got my confirmation e-mail. Where do I enter the registration key? Why does the screensaver still say it's the trial version?
A: Your confirmation e-mail contains a download link where you can download the registered version, as well as your registration key. When you download the registered version installation program, run it and it will replace the trial version with the full version. The first time you run the registered version of the screen saver, it will ask you to enter your registration key which you can copy and paste from your confirmation e-mail. Your registration key is a long sequence of letters and numbers.
Q: I'm trying to download the registered version from the link I got in my confirmation e-mail, and now it says "An Error Has Occurred - You have no more download attempts left please contact your vendor".

When you click on the download link, or paste it into your browser, and your browser asks you if you want to run or save this file, you should choose "Save". This will save the installation program to your computer so that you can run it as many times as you need to without using up your download attempts.

You can send WeiserWare an e-mail to get your download limit reset.

Morphosis on CD
Q: I've just bought Morphosis on CD. When will I get my CD?
A: See the note at the bottom of the Purchase page.
Q: I got my CD, but the screensaver still comes up as the trial version.
A: The CD contains the installation program for the registered version. You need to run Morphosis.exe on the CD and it will replace the trial version with the full version.

Q: I've got two computers at home. Can I install the registered version of Morphosis on both computers? What about my work computer?

You can install the registered version on any computer that you have at home, and on any computer that you use personally at work. You can't install the screensaver on someone else's work PC, or on a shared PC.

You will need a separate registration key for every computer you run the screen saver on. Install the registered version on the other computers, and e‑mail the purchase key that is displayed when you click the Register button on those computers to WeiserWare. You will be sent a registration key for your other computers.

Replacing / Upgrading
Q: I've got an old version. Can I get the newest version?
A: Yes, see the Upgrade page. Maybe you've changed your e-mail address since you bought Morphosis and missed out on the e-mail notification of new releases.
Q: My computer crashed/got a virus/blew up and I've lost everything. Can I get the registered version back without having to pay for it again?
A: Yes, you can. Just send WeiserWare an e-mail and you will be sent a new download link.

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