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Morphosis is a screen saver for Windows that displays all sorts of interesting 3D animated shapes which morph into each other in fascinating ways. You won't be able to take your eyes away from the screen as you watch to see what the shapes will morph into next.


  • Has 34 different types of objects, with further variations within each shape
  • Supports multiple monitors - you can choose to display the screen saver on multiple monitors attached to your computer or choose which monitors should be blanked
  • Automatically detects the best settings to run the screen saver on your computer
  • Allows you to control how long shapes are displayed for and how quickly they morph
  • Comes with full install and uninstall support

Morphosis will run on Windows 98 or later and requires a 3D video card. You need to have at least Microsoft DirectX version 8 installed (Windows XP comes with DirectX 8.1).

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